Established in 2013, Ken Tuition Centre is a leading tuition centre in Yishun Ring Rd, Singapore. We are a group of educators who specializes in giving English, Chinese, Creative Writing, Mathematics and Science tuition for children from Primary 1 to Secondary 4 level.

Our main aim is to supplement and provide better understanding to what is being taught in the school syllabus and to better prepare our students for their exams by providing the right program to fortify student’s knowledge and develop perseverance in the respective subjects.

We are approved and registered with Ministry of Education Singapore (MOE), following the guidelines for tuition centres in Singapore.

Ken Tuition Centre’s Difference


We seek out and utilise high quality resources available to meet the needs of our students. We also provide fun and creative ways of learning to motivate our students to reach their full potential both academically and socially that sets us apart.


All our lessons are conducted in a safe, friendly and conducive learning environment ensures that your child will engage in learning effectively and experience more effective tuition.


Our tutors are experienced and highly dedicated in building every child’s confidence and self-esteem, overcoming gaps in foundational learning providing results for your child.

MONDAY – FRIDAY : 2pm-8pm

Our Programmes

Ken Tuition
Primary 6 & Secondary
Students’ Achievements 2017
学生 成绩

P6 Teng YH – ‘A’s for English, Science
P6 N.F – ‘A’ for Science
P6 Soh S.M – ‘A’s for Mathematics, Science
P6 Tan E – ‘A’s for Mathematics, Science
P6 Ye Y.O – ‘A’ for Science
P6 Yee J – ‘A’s for Mathematics, Science
P6 Shao D – ‘A’ for Chinese
Sec1 Peh J – ‘A’ for English, Maths, Science
Sec 1 Ngin B – ‘A’ for Maths
Sec 1 Lee R – ‘A’ for Maths, ‘B’ for English
Sec 1 Yeow M.X – ‘A’ for Maths
Sec 1 Ter C – ‘A’ for Maths, ‘B’ for Science
Sec 1 Tee C – ‘A’ for Science
Sec 2 Tan T.Y – ‘A’ for Maths
Sec 2 Tan J – ‘A’ for Maths, ‘B’ for English
Sec 2 Teo M – ‘A’ for Maths
Sec 2 Tay E – ‘A’ for Maths
Sec 2 Goh J – ‘A’ for Maths
Sec 2 Lim R – ‘A’s for Mathematics, Science
Sec 3 M.I – ‘A’ for E Maths, ‘B’ for A Maths, ‘B’ for English
Sec 3 Poon E – ‘B’ for A Maths, ‘B’ for English
Sec 3 Poon K – ‘B’ for English
Sec 3 Tam L.H – ‘B’ for E Maths, ‘B’ for English
Sec 4 J.T – ‘A’ for Emaths
Sec 4 Hew K.P – ‘A’ for E Maths, ‘A’ for A Maths, ‘A’ for Science (Phy/Chem)

Our Teachers


Senior Teacher

Mr Wong helps students who are academically stronger to stretch even further and obtain better grades by allowing them to practise challenging questions of a higher level. He guides such students by teaching them to think from a different angle to solve higher-level questions, and also introduces more problem-solving techniques if they are able to cope with it. Mr Wong teaches upper Primary and upper Secondary Maths and Science.

Overall, Mr Wong is aware of the weaknesses and problems that most school students face, and is quick to remedy these as soon as he is aware of them. His familiarity with the school syllabus will definitely give his students an edge over the rest.

Tr.Meryl Ken Tuition

Meryl Chou

Senior Teacher

Teacher Meryl is a very professional and committed teacher. Her passion for teaching has led her to leave the corporate world in 2013 to tutor full time, and she upgrades herself constantly, taking courses at British Council. She specializes in English Language from Pre-School to Secondary level.

During lessons, Teacher Meryl not only tries to help students achieve better grades, she also tries to instil in them the correct values and attitude to nurture them into all-rounded individuals. She does not want her students to just simply go through the motion, she wants them to realize that whatever they are doing is for their own good, and for the sake of their own future. Tr Meryl also makes it a point to set basic foundations right. Basic skills such as writing neatly would need to be cultivated from a young age and is crucial in character building.

When handling young children, Teacher Meryl usually spends more time talking with them initially to gain their trust. Her background in child psychology comes into play. She is aware that younger children generally take a longer time to adapt. She firmly believes that the learning potential of the child will be at its peak only when mutual trust between the tutor and the child has been built up. Tr Meryl is also stern, only when there is a need to. She makes it a point to communicate with parents to understand the child better, as well as to update the parents on the child’s progress.



Senior Teacher

Teacher Ziyan enjoys working with children. Their sunshine faces never fail to put a smile on her face. Her love for young children has also landed her a teaching assistant job at a student care centre while she is still schooling, and hence she is very experienced in handling children. She enjoys coaching them, and finds great joy in seeing them make progress under her guidance.

Teacher Ziyan specializes in Mathematics and Science for Primary and secondary level. She has been with Ken Tuition for 4 years, and is very familiar with the current MOE syllabus for all these subjects. Using this to her advantage, Teacher Ziyan is able to spot the trend in examinations and thus prepares students well by exposing them to a variety of possible examination questions. She feels that through this, she is able to build up the confidence of her students, as well as train them to study smart, not just hard.

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